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About the lottery

GG World Lottery is the first global lottery created with players in mind, to bring you the opportunity of making all your dreams come true and change your life forever with the biggest guaranteed minimum jackpot worth $100 000 000!

You can play from any place at any time using any device – laptop, tablet, mobile device. Tickets are available on numerous white label websites powered by GG International’s WhiteLotto software and national lottery websites operated by the company. GG World Lottery is ridding the lotto from any kind of doubt and uncertainty regarding the draw process.Utilizing the first of a kind True Random Number Generator taking advantage of quantum physics principles guarantees the numbers are drawn entirely randomly. On top of that the drawing machine is connected to Ethereum blockchain that provides full transparency and verifiability of the draw process.

GG World Lottery is certified by Gaming Laboratories International. Having more than 30 years of experience and trusted by 475 jurisdictions around the world, GLI issues certification which ensures that the offered lottery is fully fair both for the player and the operator alike.

The lottery is based on 5+2 matrix, which means the player picks 5 main numbers within 1 to 50 range and 2 additional numbers from a pool of 12 numbers. Picking all numbers correctly makes the player eligible for the amazing jackpot. The lottery has 13 prize tiers. GG World Lottery is operated by Dream Call Zambia. The software is supplied by GG International Ltd registered at Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands DUNS: #81-549-9714.