Frequently Asked Questions

What is GG World Lottery?

GG World Lottery is the first online global lottery with $100 000 000 guaranteed minimum jackpot. Click here to get more information about the lottery.

How can I purchase a ticket for the GG World Lottery?

You can purchase the ticket by clicking „Play” in the top-menu and registering an account on LottoPark, our partner website.

How can I check if I won?

You can check the draw results on the lottery’s website or using one of the dedicated applications for mobile devices.

Can I purchase just one line?

Yes, you can purchase just one line. Naturally, buying more lines for a draw increases your chance of winning.

Do I have to fill all the lines?

No, you can fill just one line, but more lines increase your winning chance.

What does „quick-pick” mean?

Quick-pick means the system will fill in the ticket for you with random numbers. It is an alternative to picking the numbers yourself.

What are the age requirements to play GG World Lottery?

You must be of legal age in your jurisdiction to participate in GG World Lottery draw.

When are the draws held?

The draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 20:45 CET (Europe/Paris).

What is the draw procedure?

The winning numbers are sourced from the official EuroMillions draw results. Lucky Star numbers are used as the GG numbers.