Introducing GG World X and GG World Million

We're always looking to improve and expand our family of GG World Games to provide lottery fans with an unmatched lottery experience, fun and jackpots. Here's a big announcement! We have just introduced two new games: GG World X and GG World Million. What makes them special and different from our flagship GG World game with the biggest jackpot in the world worth $100 million? 

This time we've decided to take a new approach to the model and make the players' chances substantially bigger! GG World X with its $10 million jackpot is based on the same 5 out of 50 + 2 out of 12 model, but you get 5 lines for the price of a single GG World line. Same rule applies to the GG World Million, but the chances are even better, as you get 10 lines for the price of a single GG World line.

Such diversification brings a completely new set of possibilities while preparing the strategy for playing. Tickets are available at LottoPark and all of the white label sites using software.

As usual, that's not all. We have entered the final stage of developing the GG World Raffle, so stay tuned for more great news to come!

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