Lotto Zambia joins GG World!

We're thrilled to inform that Lotto Zambia has become the first national online lottery to become a part of GG World Lottery. From now on, tickets for GG World X and GG World Million are available at . We have decided for these two games to provide Zambian lotto fans a choice between a huge jackpot and better chances of winning. GG World X jackpot equals K148 million ($10 million), making it the biggest jackpot in Zambia. Still, the jackpot in GG World Million is K14 million ($1 million) and remains extremely attractive for the players, while giving them higher chances of winning for the same price. By diversifying Lotto Zambia's offer in this manner, we strongly believe GG World games will succeed on the Zambian market. Stay tuned for more news to come!

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